Cregle iPen 2 case full supported iPad, iMac, Windows

Cregle iPen 2 case full supported iPad, iMac, Windows-01

Cregle has once launched the world’s most accurate iPad stylus – iPen, its touch screen accuracy is quite surprising. Recently, the Cregle has also launched the second generation of the stylus – iPen 2. The iPen 2 is not just the upgrade version of iPen 1, it use new design and technology, not only to support iPad, but also support iMac and Windows.

The iPen 2 use infrared and ultrasonic positioning the stylus, just installed on devices on the corner of the iMac, iPad with a special case, can detect stylus. iPen 2 has features of pressure sensitive, angle agnostic, lightweight Inking.

Pressure Sensitive:  iPen 2 provides up to 1024 pressure levels. Our new mechanical design makes you easy to play with pressure strokes. And it already works on Corel Painter and Autodesk Sketchbook in Mac OS and Windows.

Angle Agnostic: Because iPen 2 emits its signal from the very tiny pen tip, it gives you same accuracy no matter how you hold the stylus in different angles. No problem for lefty!

Lightweight Inking: iPen 2 emulates the comfort and nature writing of ballpoint pen. Compared with iPen 1, iPen 2 takes 75% less weight to generate inking. This new feature means a lot especially to speedy writer or makes you comfortable if you write in a quiet meeting room.

The iPen 2’s interface contains a 30-pin and Lightning both formats, compatible with iPad 2, 3, 4, two black and white protective shell. iPen 2 has now been completed on the computer side Corel Painter and Autodesk Sketchbook compatible.

iPad model retails for $ 119, iMac model retails for $ 169, is expected to start selling the mid-2013.

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